i am 100% certain that cosima wears hella sexy black lace underwear under her hella rad colorful bohemian outfits 

god i’m sorry i think i really need to get laid

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I made the thing based on this little cutie scene:


i love that four girls from my class at my old high school, and me, are dating girls now like they really do grow up and come to senses after high school graduation

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you're beautiful

aw thank you for saying that! you’re so sweet. you’re a sweet anon.

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I've been feeling like cutting for days now, even tho i've been clean for a couple months or even more now, but I can't shake the feeling off, it's like it always comes back creeping up on me when I least expect it, and even if i'm feeling perfectly fine and way better now, it just always catches back on me, i was goofing around with a pen and writing on my skin and now it's even worse, i just want to cut so bad and i can't get this thought out of my head i don't know what to do

Honey, please, don’t. I know I can barely say anything to you that will make you feel different, because I don’t know anything about this and about this urge. So I call on my followers to comment on this to help you.
Whatever has been making you feel the need again to cut yourself, it will go away and you’ll feel good about not cutting when the feeling is gone. You can keep drawing on your skin, or snap a rubber band against it, but please don’t cut. It won’t make you feel better in the long term and it will leave more scars that will stay and remind you of the times you felt this way. You are already a strong person, even though I don’t know you, but you say you’ve been clean for a few months now and that is so so good. Don’t break this strong accomplishment. Don’t disappoint yourself. You will feel better eventually. Again, I do not know anything about this urge or where it comes from for you, so I’m sorry that I don’t know what to say. Followers: do you have anything to say to this dear dear anon? Please do.

Stay the strong person you are anon! I love you! 

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totally loved ur outfit

thank you!! :)

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